Rawlinson & Hunter is an international grouping of professional services firms that was established in 1933 and specialises in the provision of financial, taxation and private client services.

The international structure of Rawlinson & Hunter is unique, both in the way that it operates and in the extensive scope of the financial services that it provides. Rawlinson & Hunter gives the client the best of both worlds – an organisation that encourages a close working relationship between client and partner and one that gives immediate access to eleven international offices.

The United Kingdom, Australia, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich) are geographically diverse financial centres but, at Rawlinson & Hunter, they are drawn together by the special relationship that exists between all the partners.

This special relationship stems from the partners having worked very closely together over a considerable number of years and from each believing that their clients must be given the best possible service. This enables transactions involving more than one Rawlinson & Hunter office of business line to be effected more quickly, efficiently and professionally than by other, larger organisations.

Our unique structure allows clients access to the individual advantages and specialist services available in eleven different international offices and every office can draw on the expertise and specialist resources available in the rest of the group.

Our aim is to provide a service that is above and beyond normal professional standards. No other practice of our size combines such a wide-ranging and international resource with a genuinely personal level of service. Whether you come to Rawlinson & Hunter as an individual, a trustee or an international corporation, you will benefit from the same high standards and commitment provided by all of the Rawlinson & Hunter firms’ partners and staff. (www.rawlinson-hunter.com)